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Wealthlete is a new kind of investment firm. Our focus is to capitalize on the wealth that artists, athletes, and entertainers have created to transform it into generational wealth. We are growth driven, value driven, and team oriented to give our partners the best results.

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Anthony knows first hand as a veteran NBA player how to maximize his capital. With a proven history of seed level investing and an eye for high return investments, he is passionate about making opportunities known and available to others.


Dave has spent a lifetime building successful business and launching multiple start-ups. He specializes in relationship building, raising capital, and business development, and now focuses on Wealthlete full time.


Jeff has not only scaled multiple high growth companies from start-up to successful exit, he also advises CEOs on operational, talent and financial topics. He has also built an impressive investment portfolio himself over the last 30 years.



Together, Anthony, Dave, and Jeff are a well rounded team. Through Wealthlete, they provide their friends and partners a vehicle to join in on the same investments they are a part of. 


Their commitment to their partners is that 

-their own money goes in first: they wouldn’t tell you to invest in something they aren’t investing in themselves

-you are a partner, not a client

-there will always be transparency and direct communication

-as they learn, you will too

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Redwood Distilled

Redwood Distilled owns whiskey by the barrel to age and then to sell wholesale to large spirit brands, to white label contract manufacturers, and to craft distillers. Grounded in a “picks and shovels” strategy, Redwood invests in the ongoing growth of the $4b wholesale market and capitalizes on the long term, non-correlated price appreciation of aging bourbon. Wealthlete’s principals provided the initial funding, personally operate the business, and have invested over 10% of total capital.
Siempre Tequila

Siempre Spirits is a distilled spirits business launched in 2017. Siempre’s 100% agave, premium tequila is sold in 10 states and across Canada. Newly signed with the 2nd largest US distributor, they’re poised to accelerate their growth. With distilling roots stretching back four generations, the founders are experienced brand builders who started their careers at top advertising agencies. Wealthlete's principals have already put funds into the company and will invest over 10% of the total capital.


OxeFit is a cutting-edge fitness platform with a “razors and blades” business model. The company couples hardware product sales with subscriptions to medical, nutrition and related content. Founded by a serial CEO with billion dollar exits, the high performing senior team has deep domain expertise and is targeting the professional sports, medical rehab, and consumer fitness markets. Wealthlete's principals have agreed to invest in the Series A-1 preferred stock and will invest over 25% of the total capital.

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