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When you know your role, and play it well, you can be all of these things and be them all successfully. 




The thing that Anthony is most proud of is his family. Anthony and his wife, Jessica met during their freshman orientation at Creighton and have been married since 2011. They have 4 children together: 2 sons—Isaiah (8) and Elijah (4), and 2 daughters—Lennox (6) and Zyara (2). You will see the lively crew in action on his social media. 



In basketball, there is an understanding of the more time and effort that is put in it, the more you are going to get out of it. Entrepreneurship is something that has this same type of features. Even as a young kid, Anthony started his own businesses mowing lawns, and detailing cars. He went on to graduate from Creighton with a degree in finance. 

Off the court, Anthony is a passionate businessman and entrepreneur. Being a successful basketball player and being a successful entrepreneur have a lot of similarities.

With a focus on real estate, and seed funding—his business ventures range across many sectors including: Tech, Media, Retail, Direct to Consumer, Software, E-Commerce, Group Fitness and many more. Anthony is also a highly sought after speaker and has a mission to spread financial literacy among athletes. In 2021, Anthony also published his first book “Foundation for Financial Excellence” with co-author Ryan Schachtner. 



The foundation of who Anthony is comes from his relationship with Jesus. As a man of God, Anthony lives out his faith everyday, and desires for God to be glorified in everything he does. No matter the ups and downs of life, Anthony leans on Proverbs 3:5-6 to keep him going.



The combination of experience, knowledge, passion and energy, Anthony brings something special to the stage when he speaks. Whether it’s a small training, a men’s retreat, a college, a church event, or a team huddle, Anthony embraces every opportunity to share with the same enthusiasm.


With topics from financial literacy, investments, faith, leadership, and motivation, Anthony is a perfect speaker for business leaders, athletes, and young adults. At 6’8, Anthony has a commanding presence on the stage, but his knowledge and passion is what captures the audience!

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